Use rv wheel covers to extend the life of your tires 


Protect your tires with rv wheel covers from the damaging UV rays of the sun. Tires are expensive so get a longer life out of them by limiting their sun exposure just like you do with your skin. You wouldn’ t let your skin burn to a crisp so why let your tires.  Wheel covers also protect your rv wheels from the rain and rusting.


There are a number of sizes of rv wheel covers available so that you are getting a snug fit for your specific tire. They are easy to put on and when it is time to hit the road they are just as easy to fold up and put away. Made from heavy duty vinyl they can stand up to Mother Nature’ s elements.


There are a couple of popular brands of rv wheel cover s which are Camco and Classic. They come in packs of two and are an important product in extending the life of your rv tires. No need to be buying tires sooner than you have to so protect your investment with tire covers.

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