With rv internet service you can still stay connected while on the road


When traveling in an RV and it is important to have rv internet service.  There are many high-tech people who love the internet but it can be difficult at times to get on the internet when you're traveling in an RV.  Some people are on the road for just a few weeks where others make it a full-time thing, where they are gone for months at a time.  So it is important to know exactly what your choices are in internet service when you're traveling.  One of the first things you can do when you pull into an RV park is check at the office and see what internet options they have available.


 Some parks offer free internet service or others may make you pay by the day to use their internet service.  More and more places are hooking up with WiFi systems and this is fairly popular among rv internet service providers as it is really low cost for them.If you're using WiFi RV Internet service you can expect your speeds to be at least 11 Mbps on a 802.11b and 54 Mbps on a 82.11g.  It is good to have a computer that has wireless capabilities so it will automatically try to connect to an internet service provider when there is one in the area. 


Depending on how much you use your internet, you may want to map out your trip based on the RV parks that offer WiFi. Another option that you can go with is the internet service wireless card that can be purchased from most cell phone providers.   This allows you to be able to have the rv internet service in most any place you travel to based on where the cell phone towers are.  You can talk with your cell phone provider to see what internet options they have available for you.  Just because you're traveling in an RV does not mean you have to go without the Internet.

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