An rv back up camera helps keep you save and prevents accidents 


An rv backup camera is an excellent safety tool that prevents avoidable accidents even deaths when drivers are backing up. Blind spots that the driver cannot see with mirrors are now visible making backing not only easier but also safer. They can be installed so that they are on when the ignition is on or else only when backing is occurring. A camera mounts on the license plate or back of the rv and transmits the rear image to a monitor for the driver to see.


The backup lights of your rv are usually sufficient for your rv backup camera to be useful at night. There are infrared cameras available though to ensure your night time visibility if you are doing a lot of night time backing. These camera systems are available in wired or wireless. The wired offers a more stable picture as the wireless will be interfered with by large high line electrical poles. This should not be a problem in most situations.


Ensure the rv backup camera that you are considering is weatherproof as there are inexpensive models on the market that are not weatherproof. There are monitors available that are in color if black and white is hard for you to distinguish. A variety of monitors are available that are installed on the dash, visor or rear view mirror. Make sure the backup camera that you choose provides a clear picture and adequate rear coverage.

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