Tips for buying rv awnings and protecting your investment afterwards


The addition of rv awnings not only adds to the value of your rv but also to your enjoyment of the outdoors. Camper awnings provide extra space for gathering with friends and family. Awnings add to your comfort by keeping your rv cooler and they also protect the interior of your RV from uv damage. On hot days they block the sun providing you a cooler spot to relax and protect your skin from burning and skin cancer. Then on days when it is just drizzling you have a sheltered place to still enjoy the outdoors.


When looking to purchase rv awnings they are generally available in two types of material either acrylic or vinyl. Acrylic awnings are water repellent so care needs to be taken not to touch the awning when wet or the surface tension will be broken causing a leak. The color is woven into acrylic camper awnings and they dry quickly as the material breathes which also makes them cooler. Vinyl awnings are waterproof and mildew resistant. They are generally less costly than acrylic but both will last a long time with proper maintenance.


The ease of set up is an important consideration when looking at rv awnings. One that takes forever to set up and take down is going to become something you dread doing. This just takes the fun out of having a camper awning. Also you want to be able to roll up your awning quickly and easily if a storm is suddenly coming in.  Wind can do serious damage to your awning not to mention your RV if left up during a storm. You should never leave your awning up if you are going to be away for awhile. Tie downs are important for protecting your awning and for preventing annoying flapping.


Rv awnings are an investment in your RV and with proper care can last years. Each year inspect the fabric and that the awning hardware is in good repair. Clean the awning according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Check that everything is in good order with the awnings attachments as you do not want it to open while driving. At some point you are probably going to have to roll your camper awnings up when it is wet just make sure that you unroll it and let it dry as soon as possible. Use silicone spray not motor oil on your lift handle if it becomes difficult to turn.


When setting up your rv awnings make sure that they are high enough that when the door is opened you are not going to get a nasty tear. Also keep in mind that if you keep one arm a little lower then you will not have pooling which can stretch the fabric. Be sure to check your insurance policy to ensure that your awning is covered. Camper awnings can make that trip just that much more enjoyable. So check out the great awnings online or your local rv dealer and add more comfort to your rv.

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Carefree awnings 

When you own an RV, carefree awnings are a good way for you to go in getting an awning that will last for your RVing needs. Carefree awnings are considered one of the top-of-the-line awning companies in the country.

Rv class c window covers 

Many consumers agree that rv class c window covers protect their rv’s dashboard from fading and cracking due to sun exposure. 

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