Get the best price for RVs with a recreational vehicles appraisal 


Having recreational vehicle appraisals can give you a boost of confidence when you are buying or selling an rv. You want to get the most out of your rv and in order to do this you need to know the right price to ask. When prospective buyers come you have documentation in order to justify your asking price. Your written appraisal can be used for insurance purposes, lenders or other third part requirements.


Blue books for rv’s determine the price taking a percent of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Having recreational vehicle appraisals gives a more accurate picture as they take into account fair market value of an rv. The overall condition of an rv and the mileage need to be taken into consideration. Also what accessories it has can add to the value such as satellites, awnings, back-up camera etc.


The bank will not give you an accurate appraisal of your rv. The actual selling prices in the market need to be included in recreational vehicles appraisal. A reputable rv dealer can provide you with a reliable appraisal. There are also a number of online companies that can provide you with an accurate appraisal. So if you are selling your rv or just for insurance purposes make sure you have an accurate appraisal of your rv.

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